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Literacy Links for Little Ones, Inc.
Sowing Seeds for Success
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About Us
Our mission is to promote reading and improve literacy in Indiana County and surrounding areas. To accomplish this goal, we have formed a partnership with the Indiana Regional Medical Center and the IRMC Physician Group. A self-produced video, entitled Sowing Seeds for Success, and informational brochures highlighting the benefits of reading to children are made available to all parents during prenatal appointments or during their time as patients on the IRMC Maternity Ward. Before the parent and newborn are discharged from the maternity ward, each family is given a copy of Read to Your Bunny, a children’s story written by award winning author Rosemary Wells. Parents are also given the opportunity to receive a free one year subscription to Babybug, a looking /listening magazine for infants and toddlers
Literacy Links for Little Ones, Inc. began in 2008 when a group of three seasoned educators noticed the difference between students who start school with a wealth of literature experiences and those who do not. It was agreed that students who enter school with a rich literature and language background experience the most success. Conversely, children who have had little exposure to such experiences lack language development and spend their school career playing “catch up”, often requiring remediation and intervention. As a way of addressing this problem, these teachers decided to form an organization that would not only educate parents about the importance of reading aloud to children but also provide quality literature that could be used to foster a lifelong love of reading. 

Literacy Links for Little Ones, Inc. consists of veteran teachers, all of whom have extensive experience in the regular classroom and/or intervention setting. 

Board of Directors: 
Mrs. Rita Ott – Learning Support Teacher, Retired 
Mrs. Valerie Birch – Title I Reading Specialist 
Mrs. Louise Peterman – Elementary Librarian, Retired 
Mrs. Marsha Gatti – Title I Reading Specialist, Retired 
Mrs. Gail Maples – Title I Reading Specialist, Retired 
Dr. Susan Fello – Associate Professor, Education Dept., IUP, Retired
Mrs. Linda Cribbs – Technology Instructor, Retired 
Mrs. Ann Marie Mannino - Kindergarten Teacher, Retired
Mrs. Laura Irvin - Elementary Teacher, Retired
Ms. Denise Dragich - Elementary Teacher/Administrator, Retired
Mrs. Patricia Hilliard - Elementary Teacher, Retired

Committed to promoting literacy by encouraging parents to read to their newborn babies to develop early language and literacy skills
                        photo - Keith Boyer/IUP